School / kids wear

We offer many leading print-wear brands with good ranges of kids wear. Jerzees and Fruit of the Loom are just a couple of the brands we can offer.

Both Fruit of the Loom and Jerzees have ranges for kids including polo shirts, sweatshirts, fleeces and more. These garments come in colours to match with the brands adults sizes. Our most popular brand to date, Uneek also have a kids polo shirt, sweatshirt, fleeces and t-shirt available in the same colours as their adults range.

We can offer school wear in small quantities as well as larger. Our minimum order is just 12 items per embroidery design and this goes for kids wear as well. So it doesn’t matter if you need to kit out the whole school or just a sports team. We are happy to supply to schools, PTAs, sports clubs or parents.

Some of the kids clothing is already up on our website and we will always be happy to quote for anything you can’t find online in our catalogue.

Framing for embroidery

Almost everything in our catalogue is priced to include an embroidery in the typical position. We try to mention the standard embroidery position for each garment or item on it’s product page. Polo shirts for example are usually embroidered on the left breast.

We can also embroider in other “non standard” positions such as the sleeve of a polo shirt for example and are often asked about doing things like this.

To put a garment into the embroidery machine it has to be framed. Embroidery frames are round hoops and come in various sizes with the smallest having a 6cm diameter. Where we can and can’t embroider is down to the framing of the garment.

The maximum size we can possibly embroider is determined by the largest frame we can get into the garment.  A polo shirt, t-shirt or pretty much any garment you would embroider on the left breast has nothing obstructing it from being framed. For left breast embroideries we usually use a size 15 frame which allows us to embroider at whatever size is needed.

We are limited to smaller frame sizes on smaller items like golf towels or visors for example. Golf towels are only big enough to accommodate a size 12 frame, therefore we can only embroider at up to 10cm wide on them. Visors are very fiddly to frame up and only allow us a certain amount of room to embroider on the front as shown in the picture. Head wear such as caps and visors are actually framed differently with specific frames.

Zips and seams on items like bags for example restrict framing. A frame can not go over a zip so the top of the frame can only be placed as high as the zip allows. That means that there is also less room left for the frame, forcing a smaller one to be used. Sleeves can be embroidered so long as we can fit a frame inside them, for adults sizes this is not a problem but for children’s sizes as they get smaller there is less room for the frame. Shirt pockets can be embroidered but the size is again limited as we have to hoop through the pocket, unless we want to stitch the pocket closed to the shirt.

The frames themselves are about 1cm wide and we need to leave around another 1cm clearance so that the machine doesn’t hit the frame. So if the largest frame we can get into, say a shirt pocket, is a 6cm frame then the largest embroidery design we can fit inside it is 4cm wide.

It gets complicated so the best thing to do if you have a requirement is just to ask us.

One off items, embroidered samples

From time to time we get enquiries from new customers asking for one off single embroidered items.

Our minimum order quantity is 12 pieces per embroidery design but this can be a mix of different garments. You could have 6 t-shirts, 4 polo shirts and 2 fleeces for example.

We always run a sample “strike off” embroidery for approval before going to production on new orders. We do this on a piece of fabric, in a similar colour and material to the garments then email it over for customer approval. It’s a standard part of our service which we don’t charge extra for but it’s only done once an order has been placed.

If you are looking to order a sample only, we can do this but we have to charge for it. As much as we would like to offer a free sampling service, it just isn’t viable for us due to the various costs involved.

First of all there would be the usual set-up charge to get the design digitised for our embroidery machines to run. A design can’t be embroidered without having been “digitised” so we have no way around this charge. Digitisation is a one-off charge as once digitised a logo will be kept on file for use in repeat orders. So if you are ordering a sample garment with a view to placing a proper order later on then the set-up cost shouldn’t be a problem. Set-up would only be paid for once in any case.

Samples of the plain garments themselves can be sent out without embroidery at the single item base price plus postage. This allows the garment to be seen before being embroidered so you can make sure it’s what you are looking for. The minimum charge for embroidery is £25 so this is what it would cost to embroider a one off.

In total then to order a single garment with an embroidered logo could cost up to £85 + VAT.

Disk @ £40
Embroidery @ £25
Garment @ £10
Delivery @ £10

Our suggestion would be to get the disk made (logo digitised), as this will need to be done anyway and order a garment sample to check out. If the value of the garment isn’t too great we might even send this out free of charge so long as it is returned. That way sampling cost is kept to a minimum.