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Caps & Hats Etc (6)
Childrens Fleeces (1)
Childrens Jackets (8)
Kids jogpants & trousers (1)
Ladies Fleeces (1)
Ladies Jackets (5)
Mens Fleeces (3)
Mens Outer Jackets (18)
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Result Core

Is a new budget range of simple, durable, comfortable garments that offer great value for money. Each product is priced well below any other brand but with Result's assured quality.
Core Micron Fleece
Core Children's Micron Fleece Jacket
Core Men's Micron Fleece Jacket
Result Core Youth Micro Fleece Jacket
Result Core Adult Micro Fleece Jacket
Core Adult Windcheater
Core Lightweight Jacket
Core Midweight Jacket
Children's Core Winter Parka
Core Winter Parka
Core Bodywarmer
Core Ladies' Soft Shell Jacket
Core Men's Soft Shell Jacket
Result Core Soft Shell Bodywarmer
Core 3-in-1 Jacket with Quilted Bodywar...
Result Core Polartherm Fleece
* All pricing show in exclusive of VAT where it is applicable. Prices vary accoss size and colour