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A collection of performance jackets which are stimulating, inspirational and innovative. Result captures the essence of outdoor life today - and into the future.
Shoreline Mid-Weight Waterproof Blouson
City Executive Coat
Padded Bodywarmer
La Femme High Grade Microfleece Jacket
High Grade Microfleece Horizon Jacket
Ice Fell Hooded Softshell Jacket
Softshell Activity Jacket
Result Ladies Classic Softshell Jacket
Result Classic Soft Shell Jacket
La Femme Softshell Jacket
Softshell Bodywarmer
Ripstop Soft Shell Jacket
La Femma 2 Layer Base Softshell Jacket
2 Layer Base Softshell Jacket
Osaka TECH Performance Combined Pile So...
TECH Performance Softshell Trousers
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