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Always respectful of the impact that manufacturing can make to both people and the planet, Mantis World offer Well-Made clothing, including the Superstar collection, which is carefully considered, responsibly produced and designed to be decorated.
Mantis Organic Cotton Face Mask Pac...
Mantis Crew Neck Sweatshirt
Mantis Womens Roll Sleeve Tee
Mantis Womens Cropped Hoodie
Mantis Boyfriend Tee
Women's Superstar Hoodie
Mantis Mens Tipped Polo Shirt
Mantis Womens Crop Top
Mantis Superstar Ladies Zipped Hood...
Mantis Womens Loose Fit Tee
Mantis Mens Essential Organic T
Mantis Womens Favourite Sweat
Mantis Mens Roll Sleeve Tee
Mantis Womens Tipped Polo Shirt
Men's Superstar Hoodie
Mantis Womens Essential Organic T
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