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Kustom Kit

A collection of shirts and polos for men and women that combine timeless styling with soft innovative fabrics in beautiful colours.
Men's Workforce Short Sleeve Shirt
Men's Short Sleeve Business Shirt
Men's Long Sleeve Business Shirt
Men's Long Sleeve Corporate Oxford Shir...
Men's Short Sleeve Corporate Oxford Shi...
Kustom Kit L/S Premium Oxford Shirt
Kustom Kit Mens L/S Slim Fit Shirt
Men's Premium Non Iron Short Sleeve Shi...
Men's Premium Non Iron Long Sleeve Shir...
Men's Superior Oxford Short Sleeved Shi...
Men's Superior Oxford Long Sleeved Shir...
Men's Tailored Fit Long Sleeved Busines...
Kustom Kit Mens S/S Pilot Shirt
Kustom Kit Men's L/S Pilot Shirt
Kustom Kit Mens L/S Contrast Shirt
Kustom Kit L/S Oxford Twill Shirt
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